Jody Felli


Physical Therapist, NSCA Strength & Conditioning Certified Specialist

Jody was born in 1997 on the Varese shore of Lake Maggiore.

Fascinated by the lake, in 2009 he commenced rowing, a sport that would have shaped his life ever since. Through all the training sessions, he built discipline and determination that helped him overcome obstacles in life. In 2011 he began the agonist competitions and in the following years he conquered 4 Italian Champion titles up to a call-up to the Italian National Team.

With the desire to pass on his own passions to other people, he obtained a qualification as a coach and begun following the youth sector of his team as an Athletic Trainer.

Thanks to rowing he became passionate about sports and physical activity in general, at the point that he decided to make it a pillar of his own life. With the desire of making people feel better through sports and movement, in 2017 he enrolled the BSc in Physical Therapy course at the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy) which was succesfully completed.

Right after obtaining his degree, he became the Physical Therapist of his rowing team.
In 2021 he moved to Lugano and started working both in the outpatient and home settings in the Ticino environment, thus having the opportunity to get to know and collaborate, in the following two years, with many realities, from sports teams to elderly homes.

Despite the increase in work commitments he still manages to carry on his training and cultivate his interests.
In his spare time Jody likes indulging in other passions: cycling and traveling.

There's a virtuous cycle in sport: the more you enjoy yourself, the more you train; the more you train, the more you improve; the more you improve, the more you enjoy yourself

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