Edoardo Tasciotti


Interventional Pain & Regenerative Pain Medicine Specialist, FMH Anesthesiology

Dr. Tasciotti is an Italian medical doctor, born in Viterbo (Italy) in 1977.

He studied at the Catholic University in Rome (Italy) where he graduated in Medicine in 2002 with the first-class honours.
He continued his studies path graduating in Anesthesiology and Pain Care at the Catholic University in Rome (Italy) with the first-class honours.

Dr. Tasciotti then has worked as junior and senior consultant in Anesthesia and Pain Care Medicine in several countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, where he is still actively enrolled and board-certified doctor and specialist at the respective College of the Doctors.
He has worked in several university hospitals in the countries where he lived, participating in research programs and medical students training programs.

He is Clinical Professor at University of Southern Switzerland (USI Lugano) in the fields of Critical Care Medicine and Pain Medicine and holds the role of service Head Doctor in Pain Medicine and Anesthesia while being Medical Director of the Day Surgery Unit at the ORBV EOC Hospital in Bellinzona (Switzerland).

Dr. Tasciotti has been always active and passionate in practicing sport during his whole life, playing football, futsal, tennis, swimming, athletics, skiing, and golfing. He has reached good level of competitions in all those sports while he was young and he still keeps doing in some of them.

It was precisely this passion for the well-being and sport that led him to obtain years ago a Master Degree in Sport Medicine in Rome (Italy), becoming member of the FMSI (Italian Sport Medicine Society). He treats sports related diseases with the newest interventional pain techniques, according to therapies together with all the healthcare providers involved on the clinical case.

He got focused on Regenerative Medicine years ago starting to seek for the best procedures to provide on patients suffering from both acute and chronic musculoskeletal diseases.
The passion for the Regenerative Medicine brought him also to obtain a Master's Degree in Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Parma (Italy).

He has specific levels of competence in all the interventional and regenerative pain techniques, helping the team of care givers to offer the best clinical practice.

Dr. Tasciotti believes the multimodal therapy approach to a patient is the best way to reach the goal of improving the quality of life and returning to life's abilities as soon as possible.

He is constantly looking for new challenges in life as well as in carrier's path, his main goal remains the patient's health.

Dr. Tasciotti ensure is part of the European Knee Arthrofibrosis center' multidisciplinary team with his contribution studying and treating the main issues of this challenging orthopaedic pathology and related complex pain management.